Monday, July 23, 2012

Who Is...

Today I felt it necessary 2 blog about me and my time with University Of Classic with Style(UCWS)where I am an aspiring model! :) First I will start with telling U a bit about myself. TrixxiStarr Resident rezzed 5-4-2011. Terrible the legacy last names where discontinued a week or so b4 but no matter. :) Firstly, Trixxi wanted 2 b a vampire, and second, a model. This is my look from the beginning.
Frightening! lol Glad that look was permanently retired! Geeze talk about NOOB!!! Another make over was done and this is what came out of that.
This look was adopted after turning 2 vampire. My original liege was OnSmash. A guy who really knows how 2 play the Bloodlines game! Thru careful observation, a lot had been learned in the short time knowing him. Trixxi continues 2 grow as a Bloodline player and is now a hybrid(lycan and vampire). Currently holds Baroness status in Sacred Spiritz Clan. The Neko look has been retired as well so yeah! It will b extremely rare to catch Trixxi with a tail or ears or paw feet these dayz, unless in lycan form. Lycan form from 1st Act. Gorean outfit Spirit.
Steps where taken if ever the chance for modeling came up, and didn't pan out, she would at least have photography skills under her belt. That is what was primarily focused on and still is focused on. Endless hours and linden have been spent on creating outfits and studios for photos. She brings into sl from rl skills in modeling,photoshop, photography, and videography.
Trixxi loves and is partnered 2 a wonderful man Shane1969, who is king of Sacred Spiritz Clan. He is the fire that inspires Trixxi with his support and love. He holds Trixx's heart in SL and RL(RealLife). Trixxi has seen many adventures in her year in SL(SecondLife), some good and some not so good. Each and every one has made her the avi she is today! She spends most of her time with Shane, socializing with fellow clan members, breeding Amaretto horse and BioBreed dogs, and classes and styling shows with UCWS. Getting 2 b a part of the events with CWS has been awe inspiring. Trixxi is living the dream in SL and is happy and grateful to Anrol, Steve, DebbieDoo and all the instructors at UCWS for the wonderful opportunity of being a model in SL!

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