Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scarlet Styling!

WOOO! and here we r with yet another styling event! This time we had to do Gone With The Wind Scarlet! Now 4 those of u familiar with Gone With The Wind, know that Scarlet was the harlot! Hahahaha! Not really tho but she was determined 2 b married 2 her Ashley who was in love and married 2 another. Anywho! This is the fashions lined up for this particular event!
My styling was I did the dress Scarlett was dressed in from the hospital during that epic scene where she leaves the hospital after she has had enough of death and dying and the smell of death. Dress ~ Scarlett's Hospital Dress 1864 ~ Timeless Elegance Hair ~ Truth Sienna 2 - auburn Truth Sienna 2 - gingers Eyes ~ Pupil L&R Mixed - QYN Supernatural Living Eyes Greys Neat Bish Eyelashes - Toxic Bish Jewelry ~ Pearl Bracelet White - Grumble2Grumble EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set ~ EarthStones Body Oil ~ Bottom & Top 40% - Alessandra Shoes ~ GG Tuxedo Stilettoes White - Grumble2Grumble
While we where all winners this day, the three winners of this nites event was:
Stay tuned 4 more on Classic with Style fashion styling!


Rien Bautista said...

Your blog is very unique and original! I also have one, a fashion blog. I hope I see you there soon too! :) xx

Trixxi Starr said...

thank you Rien :) i sure will! I am currently working on my shop blog and will start working on that more.