Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Graduation Day!

OMG we did it! We graduated basic classes at University of Classic with Style! Who would have believed we came so far and achieved so much in just 3 weeks?!
Even though it was my day, I was nervous as! We did a run-through of where we where supposed to be on the stage and then planned a little surprise for the audience afterwards!
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! Where underway! Hoist the sails me mateys!! Argggg! LOL Yes! This was the big surprise we did a big swashbuckling dance in pirate costumes! It was so much fun! We be model pirates! Bwaahahahaha! Pass the grog!
I got a little surprise myself that day! I achieved University of Classic with Style class valedictorian! I never believed I would in a million years! I'm still stunned! I hope that I can continue to make great strides with my time here with Classic with Style! I am now in Advanced classes. The valedictorian came with Advanced Class scholarship! *passes out* Wow wow wowwowowow!
Then there was the after party for graduation! It was an epic party with all the Classic with Style models and trainers and staff! My love Shane celebrate with me as well as another good friend DiamondHotty! A good time was had by all! Amazing ballons that knocked u senseless! lol
Well that is all 4 this little blog on grad day! Stay tuned 4 more! Trixxi Starr signing out!

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