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RON3 -Gas Me Up

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sydney Fashion Week is ON!

Hey I went lookin about SL and stumbled across Sydney Fashion Week going on now till the 22nd! I got the press release here! I only put a smedge in just 2 tease u all so u go c 4 ureself! International Modeling Agency Inc. presents S Y D N E Y F A S H I O N W E E K TWENTY12 Where: Sydney Harbour Secondlife First Version: 14 July 2012 When: August 17 – 22, 2012 The Sydney Fashion Week will showcase different statements from casual chic to avant garde. Inspired by the wonderful and sophisticated ambiance of the inspired SYDNEY Harbour along with its extravagant and iconic landmarks. This event will focus on the impressive architecture brought to life through the collections that will walk on the runway. We also had a very generous sponsorship of a huge cruise ship made by Aymec Millet which is a is multistory build of delight containing several theaters, bedrooms, and night clubs There will be three stages. The opening show and the finale show will be held on a very artistic interpretation of the iconic Sydney Opera House. These shows will open with a short performance by the fantastic Australian Guerilla Burlesque. One of IMA’s objectives to promote the fantastic sl fashion industry within the Australian community. The buildings and features of the Sydney Harbour sim has been inspired by the iconic buildings of the Sydney Harbour. Some shows will be showcased in fantastic high fashion runway . The 17 shows will be executed over the magical bora bora water and guests will be seated on either of the IMA boats or yachts or sitting in the high couture runway. All guests can also hop on any of the provided windsurfers and sail around the sim and the festivities. Pick up an exclusive IMA Inc Sydney Fashion Week item or find the free treasurers on the sim. The sim really is amazing! All the shops r on this big yacht! Here I am standing in front of the big sign on the lower deck of ship!
While there, I checked out a couple of the shops that where there set up and ready. First stop was DiMajor store where I was amazed at the styles and colors of the clothing! A very outback tribal feel to the patterns and cuts of the clothing! The models looked absolutely stunning!
I then headed over to a shop called Creations. Looked like an art gallery! Loved all the images too!
I stood in awe must have been like 20 mins in one spot looking at all the images! LOL But that is not unusual tho! Most of SL amazes me! Next I went to Zura Xue. OMG how avant guarde! Totally fab!
Then...I found the only men's shop! WoooHooo! Legal Insanity! Really good looking stuff! We TOTALLY need more men's clothing shops! There r not enough!
Really colorful board shorts! I was so tempted to buy a pair 4 my hubby but was unsure as 2 if they where transferrable. Anywho...I shared the landmark with some of my friends who would benefit from a new shop for men! I envied this surfboard! It is not often I hit the beaches of SL and surf but maaan! I wanted this one!
I then ventured over to SoliDea Folies! I loved that most of the shops had their names already displayed plainly too. Really makes it easy 2 remember who is who!
The shop's fashions had a nice carnival feel to them I felt and where very haute couture!
I especially loved the way the designer used a full scale model mannequin! The colors and the poses where very well planned!
I looked around and found a makeup shop! WOW! Deesses offers makeup combos according to seasonal skin coloring and types, which is something we have been going over in our Advanced Classes for Classic with Style Advanced University. I even kept and eye out for pieces for a styling we are 2 do later as well. The shop had a group joiner set up and the little bags where just like in a real makeup counter! Impressive!
I then had 2 have a better look at the model runway stage area! It was magnificent! I took this shot from the back of the ship.
I totally had to walk on the runway too! lol I even walked the bridge that is over 2 the right of the photograph and captured this photo. There is a poseball at the end of it. Not sure if it was supposed 2 b there but hey! I hopped it and snapped a shot of myself!
Well I hope my little post about Sydney Fashion Week will inspire some of you all 2 go and have a look! Party! Party! Party!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scarlet Styling!

WOOO! and here we r with yet another styling event! This time we had to do Gone With The Wind Scarlet! Now 4 those of u familiar with Gone With The Wind, know that Scarlet was the harlot! Hahahaha! Not really tho but she was determined 2 b married 2 her Ashley who was in love and married 2 another. Anywho! This is the fashions lined up for this particular event!
My styling was I did the dress Scarlett was dressed in from the hospital during that epic scene where she leaves the hospital after she has had enough of death and dying and the smell of death. Dress ~ Scarlett's Hospital Dress 1864 ~ Timeless Elegance Hair ~ Truth Sienna 2 - auburn Truth Sienna 2 - gingers Eyes ~ Pupil L&R Mixed - QYN Supernatural Living Eyes Greys Neat Bish Eyelashes - Toxic Bish Jewelry ~ Pearl Bracelet White - Grumble2Grumble EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set ~ EarthStones Body Oil ~ Bottom & Top 40% - Alessandra Shoes ~ GG Tuxedo Stilettoes White - Grumble2Grumble
While we where all winners this day, the three winners of this nites event was:
Stay tuned 4 more on Classic with Style fashion styling!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Graduation Day!

OMG we did it! We graduated basic classes at University of Classic with Style! Who would have believed we came so far and achieved so much in just 3 weeks?!
Even though it was my day, I was nervous as! We did a run-through of where we where supposed to be on the stage and then planned a little surprise for the audience afterwards!
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! Where underway! Hoist the sails me mateys!! Argggg! LOL Yes! This was the big surprise we did a big swashbuckling dance in pirate costumes! It was so much fun! We be model pirates! Bwaahahahaha! Pass the grog!
I got a little surprise myself that day! I achieved University of Classic with Style class valedictorian! I never believed I would in a million years! I'm still stunned! I hope that I can continue to make great strides with my time here with Classic with Style! I am now in Advanced classes. The valedictorian came with Advanced Class scholarship! *passes out* Wow wow wowwowowow!
Then there was the after party for graduation! It was an epic party with all the Classic with Style models and trainers and staff! My love Shane celebrate with me as well as another good friend DiamondHotty! A good time was had by all! Amazing ballons that knocked u senseless! lol
Well that is all 4 this little blog on grad day! Stay tuned 4 more! Trixxi Starr signing out!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My CWS Final! xD

Ok! So the final was today; I got to do early due to rl work schedule. My test with Anrol Anthony! She was extremely helpful in pointing things out to me that needed to be considered as a model. One was to sell the clothing. Showing people the back and the front and to make them love the clothing. She also gave me pointers on how to conduct myself as a model and what was expected of me as a model.
I was super super nervous going b4 Anrol and testing by myself and not have my fellow classmates with me for presence support. lol I was to wear a mini skirt, hat and red heels. I picked an outfit made by Lapoint & Bastchild. I mixed and matched a top and a skirt from that designer. The shoes and the hat came from two separate designers. My accessories where simple. Around my neck I had a photo of my husband. A photo I myself did for his profile picture. I also wore both my bond rings. The hair was not a hit as it went through my body. Now I know finally what I was doing wrong in my styling! lol As well as the mocap poses! *Rips them all out of my huddle* It is still unknown why I cannot do a character test with my Firestorm viewer. :( Something I am very sad about considering it is a great tool when fixing your avatar if you are a cloud. I also forgot the alpha layer to my eyes which was important part of my styling as well. *holds head in despair* Come to think of it, I don't think any of my jewelry was attached!
In the quick change, I found out that u could in fact have your accessories and shoes in same folder. It was my understanding you could not. I definitely learned today! The bathing suit I think was hot but the hair again was all wrong. ~ CWS Ballroom ~
First off let me just say this place is amazing with the colorful blocks that are color changing behind the runway! Velvet like seat circle the stage which is color changing and black. there are 3 entrances to this ballroom stage with a lovely water fountain shooting water into the air as background effect.
Photos adorn the walls surrounding the stage of winners past and present in the many competitions of CWS. A piano sits off to the side of the stage, possibly for interludes when the dances are underway. I so cant wait to do a show on this runway! ~ CWS Dome Stage ~
Oh wow this place looks like its inside of a pyramid! I love the earthy muted tones throughout. There are huge statues pouring water on each side of the runway 2. The effect of this takes my breath away! I can just see myself walking down the runway doing dome formation being here! The seating is like in a semicircle in front of the stage for both audience and judges.
~ CWS Black And White Stage ~
The Black and White stage where all the famous video shoots happen! This stage is surrounded with black and white seating and has a square runway. The models come up the middle and exit off to the sides of the runway. In the center of the runway there are water birds such as white and black swans and flamingos. This is my favorite feature of this runway. ~ CWS Red Runway Stage ~
To enter Red Runway u have to walk from the beach and down a long corridor to the stage area. I make my way slowly down the corridor. It opens up to a beautiful gallery! the seating for the audience is on either side and the chairs are gold. A red carpet leads into the stage area which makes one feel as if they are walking the red carpet.
The judges seating is in front and the chairs are white. There are gold seats on either side of the runway as well.
There is also a white piano too.
There where a lot of other avatars that where on the different stages practicing formations. I had a lovely time going around to all the stages and getting to see the areas that I would one day walk in a show. To actually see the real stages that I have been practicing on for weeks, really cemented in my mind the magnitude of the task all of us aspiring models achieve when we graduate UCWS and move on to do runway shows.

Monday, July 23, 2012

CWS Photography

Sunday we had a class on photography and discussed windlight settings. Many links where given for us to download and try out. I used my usual windlight settings to take the photos seen here which is AnaLutetia AvatarOptWhiter. I run this setting most of the time for seeing things vividly and for photos for the lighting. I am currently trying out some of the other windlight settings that have been downloaded from the net and placed in my secondlife windlight settings folder. This is probably the shortest blog I have done! lol

Who Is...

Today I felt it necessary 2 blog about me and my time with University Of Classic with Style(UCWS)where I am an aspiring model! :) First I will start with telling U a bit about myself. TrixxiStarr Resident rezzed 5-4-2011. Terrible the legacy last names where discontinued a week or so b4 but no matter. :) Firstly, Trixxi wanted 2 b a vampire, and second, a model. This is my look from the beginning.
Frightening! lol Glad that look was permanently retired! Geeze talk about NOOB!!! Another make over was done and this is what came out of that.
This look was adopted after turning 2 vampire. My original liege was OnSmash. A guy who really knows how 2 play the Bloodlines game! Thru careful observation, a lot had been learned in the short time knowing him. Trixxi continues 2 grow as a Bloodline player and is now a hybrid(lycan and vampire). Currently holds Baroness status in Sacred Spiritz Clan. The Neko look has been retired as well so yeah! It will b extremely rare to catch Trixxi with a tail or ears or paw feet these dayz, unless in lycan form. Lycan form from 1st Act. Gorean outfit Spirit.
Steps where taken if ever the chance for modeling came up, and didn't pan out, she would at least have photography skills under her belt. That is what was primarily focused on and still is focused on. Endless hours and linden have been spent on creating outfits and studios for photos. She brings into sl from rl skills in modeling,photoshop, photography, and videography.
Trixxi loves and is partnered 2 a wonderful man Shane1969, who is king of Sacred Spiritz Clan. He is the fire that inspires Trixxi with his support and love. He holds Trixx's heart in SL and RL(RealLife). Trixxi has seen many adventures in her year in SL(SecondLife), some good and some not so good. Each and every one has made her the avi she is today! She spends most of her time with Shane, socializing with fellow clan members, breeding Amaretto horse and BioBreed dogs, and classes and styling shows with UCWS. Getting 2 b a part of the events with CWS has been awe inspiring. Trixxi is living the dream in SL and is happy and grateful to Anrol, Steve, DebbieDoo and all the instructors at UCWS for the wonderful opportunity of being a model in SL!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Master Stylist Winner! CWS Simply the Best!

Tonights event was a Master Stylist Finale competition. We students are required to blog about the event. I am new to blogging. I like taking photos 2 help tell what I'm trying 2 convey. This photo is of all of us waiting for the show 2 start.
You could almost feel the nervous energy! I think I was just as nervous as the models backstage. We where asked to do a mock judging as well to share in class today. I'm not 100% on my own judging as I had a couple of ties there lol. DebbieDoo Tigerfish was there in attendance as well. :)
I took a lot of photos during the event of all 3 models. Boy! Their styling and rping of different characters their outfits where portraying was simply amazing! First model out was Violetagrace Resident. The first theme was gypsy.
I loved the dances she did! Those really gave the outfit drama! Her Description of the theme. ``*She joins the gypsy caravan to experience the excitement. She explores to capture the spirit of amazing musical culture as she express heartily while singing and dancing. Astounding every audience she meet with the fire and soul in her voice. She performs gleefully, in every graceful tap in her tambourine, she makes every heart beats fast , and uplift someones spirit in her glorious journey. She discovers her passion of art in music and dancing, which bands intimately, allowing her to understand the life in the road, upon transferring form places to places, for a living. Her Royalty in elegant purple silk sultry ensemble, features an enticing plunging neckline, with a sculpted bandeau embellished with a exquisite gold coins, attached an extra glitz of dazzling chain dangling, with a rhymes like little angels singing in heaven in her every graceful maneuver. Added an eye catching accessory in her belly which flaunts her curvacious body. The radiant stunning long sleeves with a sculpted cuff, delicately designed with a lining of royal curly patterns which collaborates in her passion in the art of music and dancing. Her sensational skirt, with a sash of lovely sculpted bow in low waist , embellished with luscious patterns and a gold coins attached with gorgeous tassels . The long skirt has layer of flexis with a feligree of gold which fascinates spectators in her supple and rhythmic artifice. Adding a touch of gilded beauty to her look, akin with splendid headdress with a sheer veil, a adorable long curly crowning glory which admires b(then didnt not get the rest of the description). Gypsy Outfit Styling Card: Gypsy Dress: Tres Beau "Miss Turkey 2012" Accessories: Two little Sisters_TST Gypsy Red and Purple Set Cancer Zodiac zign belly pierce Footwear: SD Vine Bare Gold Stilletto Feet Nails: Mandala Milky Nails & Ring Hawthorn RED Lashes: Miamai_CAtwalk lashes_Glitter 02 Hair: Emotions , Susan Brown Make ups: Glammorize Perhaps eyeshadow red White widow Face Tatto_Whirlypops FDP Face Tattoo gold Madrid Solo Blush Only lipstick modify Skin: Dre Life Tan skin courtesy of Flora Stipe Props : Pd gypsy tambourine purple Next up was Janet Brink and her gypsy styling! :)
This ensemble was wonderful! the the fabric very nice! Janet had this to say about her theme: his first styling event is a Gypsy and Janet picked a great designer maizon Rayna owner of Terra d'ombra, showing beautiful European styling. <> is just a gorgeous design with a bra top with hanging fringes, silks for the sleeves, and a lovely scarf over the shoulder. Asymmetrical skirts in multiple layers with a bow at the waist, and a head band to finish the look. So many colors are in this dress, it is just amazing. A lovely necklace and earrings, with a complementary bracelet by Earthstones << Gypsy >> also in multiple colors many matching the dress, and the dangling earrings are very attractive. Wanted a wild gypsy hairstyle and got it from A&A, so many choices in this long and curly look, great with the headband. Shoes by N-core looked like they had been made for the dress with color and style. She finishes with makeup, picking up the pink from the dress adding gold swirl at the eyes to pick up the swirls in the jewelry. Gypsy Outfit: Dress: Terra d-ombra - Viola Hair: A&A Helene - Black Jewelry: Earthstones - Gypsy Shoes: N-Core - Poison - Pourpe Skin: Lara Hurley - Kae Makeup: Madrid Solo / Izzie's / Blackliquid / White-Window Shape: Custom Model Swim Shape by Ziva Brink Last up was Ania Lennie and Her gypsy styling! :)
She had this to say about her gypsy styling: The Gypsies are Andalusian or Catalan people. They knew the importance of Spanish influence and live it very strongly through their personalities, the music and the dance of the flamenco. They live more in the South and live with the difficulties of a forced settlement which is very often a failure. Some of the world's strongest racism is against these people. This evening it is a big celebration for the Gypsy. The camp is full of friends around a campfire... with lots of music and of course dance. We hear the noise of the drums.... everybody is happy and enjoying the evening. Skin : *smoky2 *REDGRAVE* Shape : Vivian Shape *REDGRAVE* Eyes : 6- Eyes bleue - Nany Merlin lashes : Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06 Dress: Gitana - Maizon Rayna Jewelry : Gitana - Maizon Rayna Hair: Tukinowaguma Morgan Ebony Nails: Red Mandala Shoes: BAX Ankle Boots Black Leather *LC* E - Sweet & Simple Belly Ring Next up was Snow White theme and let me tell ya! The ladies really outdid themselves with the stage presence on this one! I love the theatricals that went along with this theme! It was very fun and lively! Violetegrace Resident had 3 different Snow White looks!
She quick changed throughout this styling to these three looks while dancing and doing her formation! I was amazing and so was the crowd! lol This is what she had to say about this styling: Outfit number #1 Snowhite. An enthralling beauty envied by several Princesses and hiding from her heartless step mum. She remains herself compose, with pride and dignity , living joyfully which she lingers at the infinity sanctuary, with the aid of several friends comforting her from the tragic loss. Seems fairy tales comes to life in a modern living. Her classy outfit illuminates her beauty with a noble heart, featuring a lovely ruffled collar & a sculpted sleeves. The delicately designed bodice with a thrill of cascaded romantic neckline, embellished with a gorgeous bow at the center. The wardrobe comes in two passionate styles with a glamorous short skirt and mind blowing pluffy long skirt. Dress: Snowhite Outfit from Deviance Hair: Romantic Vintage hairstyle from Tutys Shoes: White Tribute Neige from Encore Nails: Solid White long Nails from finesmith Accessories: Grace Accessories winter set from finesmith Make up: red perhaps eye later eyeshadow Lashes: long saskia lashes from SP Lipstick : F12 from Facepaint Skin : Dre Life Skin natural Outfit number # 2: Mirror Mirror on the wall , who's fairest of them all. With a devilish grins, she is definitely the gorgeous woman throughout the universe upon marrying a handsome King! She looks fab and elegant in her black wardrobe, combines with a soft romance with the alluring style of sheer lace creating a bewitching look. featuring adorable facade with lavish design of Soft fur and lacy sleeves bestow to the scene. a sensuous lacy fabric on the bodice embellished with a sizzling sculpted bow on the side. Motivating fashion and seduction, her luxurios high leg slit creates a mythical of sensuality and amid stunning elegance. Compliments the soft sheer lace gloves for her delicate hands, and hat with lovely feather's and a veil which is absolutely gorgeous! Evil Queen mum Outfit Styling: Dress: LD Orphee Black Hair: CArilyn brown Shoes: 24 Shoe #6 Black Accessories: Heartless Necklace black from finesmith Pearl black diamond from Virtual Impressions Nails : lady Gaga black from Mandala Skin: Dre Life Tan courtesy of Flora Stipe Next up was Janet Brink. She did Snow White on Ice!!! OMG it was amazing!
She had an enormous castle facade to skate in front of! Beautiful dancing on ice skates! This is what she had to say about this styling: Disney on Ice as Janet as Snow white, the the huge Disney castle as her entrance. She will skate and dance to the beautiful voice of Barbra Streisand singing 'Some Day my Prince will Come". Janet's daughter loves Disney On Ice so she want to recreate the show for you tonight. She took 3 designers to get all the parts for her outfit, Happy had a fabulous match of the costume with the white collar, puffy short sleeves, white underlay, and red bows. The top is a modest neckline with gold piping and three color stripes in front. She needed more of a ballerina look for her skating and dance, Lyrieal had the perfect skaters look with a lovely tutu in yellow with a tulle underlay. by Vanity, and she finished it with the red headpiece from Beautiful Dirty Rich, all 3 designers called there costume << Snow White >>. Skates are by Zedra in white, and an elegant necklace << Red Antique Heart >> by TroyMart. She is wearing stage makeup with bright red lips, soft blush, and blue stars around the eyes. The hair is similar to Snow White, down over the ears, bun in back by Vanity, and she finished it with the red headpiece from Beautiful Dirty Rich, all 3 designers called there costume << Snow White >>. Skates are by Zedra in white, and an elegant necklace << Red Antique Heart >> by TroyMart. She is wearing stage makeup with bright red lips, soft blush, and blue stars around the eyes. Talent Outfit: Dress: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Snow White Lyrieal's - Snow White Happy - Snow White Skin: Lara Hurly Kae Makeup: Mock / Blackliquid / Izzie's / White-Widow Hair: Vanity Hair - Romance - Nova Black Jewelry: TroyMart - Red Antique Heart Shoes: Zedra - Skates Name of your music and the artist: "Some Day My Prince will Come" by Barbara Streisand I thoroughly enjoyed the skate performance! Next up is Ania. Ania has selected a vignette of the story of Snow White .... maybe the darkest moments ..... Her step-mother .... the evil and vain queen.... is trying to dispose of the lovely Snow White.
QUEEN : For her presentation under the theme of Snow White, Ania wears the dress of the queen of the evil who is the beautiful step-mother of Snow White. A long, narrow dress of black and mauve color. The set includes a big white-collar and a very long cape, A golden belt and boots in mauve with a high heel. A very white complexion, eyes and lips of a dark color. Long and curly hair and black nails. The queen really has a severe aire about her, but is also very beautiful. Her biggest wish in life is to be the most beautiful of all. The queen prepares her vengeance which will be terrible. What a shock you will have when she will becomes an old woman..... Skin: MdC~Evil Queen~skin Shape: Vivian Shape *REDGRAVE* Eyes: 6- Eyes bleue - Nany Merlin Lashes : Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06 Dress: MdC~Evil Queen~outfit Hair: Sweet Iris Hair Props : Vanity : black goth iron vanity set, mod for size Mirrors: Chip Merlin Book: Book Of Shadows Open White Rat : by grendel's Ania now wears the look of an old woman. This is the form she takes to give the apple to Snow White. A very old white skin, with the fine detail of the dark brown pigmentation. The hair islong and curly. She wears a long black dress. The top is opened well in front and behind. Near the collar we see spiders and on the clothes as well as on the leg. The sleeves are long with fabric in the arm. The belt is of black and orange color. Ania wears small black boots with sharp tips and long black nails. The eyes are dark gray. The queen is now in witche's form and prepares the poison to put on the apple. Poor Snow White! Is she going to die this night??? Skin : old lady 1 Shape: old lady 1 Eyes : Light Gray Eyes Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06 Dress: Collection MOREA STYLE HALLOWEEN * SIRIANA* Hair: Sweet Iris Hair Nails: /NAIL/female[MANDALA] Shoes. Chelley's Old Witches Boots Bag We join the story after Princess Snow White's Queen Mother has gone to heaven. The King has remarried, giving Snow White a beautiful but wicked and vain step-mother. Wanting to be the fairest in all the land, the step-mother has dispatched a hunter to kill Snow White but her mirror betrays the hunter. The wicked queen sits at her mirror, combing her beautiful hair. Queen: OH, I AM SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Queen: MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL.... TELL ME NOW I AM THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL! Mirror: WHIILE YOU ARE FAIR AND BEAUTIFUL TOO, SNOW WHITE STILL LIVES.... MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU! Queen: DRAT IT ALL! THE HUNTER LIED TO ME! VERY WELL... THIS TIME I WILL DO IT MYSELF!..... HMMMMM BUT HOW? Queen: AH! THIS IS THE WAY I WILL DO IT.... HERE ON PAGE 666! Queen: PREPARE A RED APPLE IN A CAULDREN OF VULTURE BLOOD, BATS EYES, LIZARD LIPS, FROG TOES AND CAULIFLOWER. DISGUISE AS A FRAIL OLD WITCH AND TAKE THE RED APPLE TO THE VICTIM. SHE WILL SUCCUMB WITH ONLY ONE BITE! ..... PREFECT!!! Queen: ONE MORE MINUTE SHOULD DO IT..... PRESTO .... IT IS READY! I WILL PLACE THE APPLE IN THIS PRETTY BASKET, SO SHE IS NONE THE WISER. Queen: MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL .... FOR THE LAST TIME .... TELL ME I AM THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL! ALAS MY QUEEN IF LOOKS COULD KILL YOUR LOOK JUST NOW SURELY WILL. BUT EVEN ON YOUR FAIREST DAY, SNOW WHITE IS STILL THE FAIREST I MUST SAY! The Queen dances around her room excited at the prospect of ridding herself oF snow white forever.. Queen: WELL MIRROR.... TODAY THAT WILL CHANGE FOREVER ...MY EVIL PLAN WILL MAKE ME! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND FAIREST IN ALL THE LAND The Queen picks up the basket of apples. NOW I AM OFF .... TO FIND SNOW WHITE AND OFFER HER ETERNAL SLEEP!!! I was amazed by this stage play! As was the whole crowd who went crazy with applause! The final styling was Hippie! Violetagrace Resident
HIPPIE OUTFIT DESCRIPTION: *Hippie Outfit Description: *She's trendy , adventurous, risk taker, happy go lucky, opinionated, yet sweet and passionate. As Hippie evolves in her computer generation era , she thinks of a colorful outfit to speak out what is on her mind. She dressed in a trendy manner yet with sense of a being a free spirited person. she's wearing a stunning teal ensemble with elegance, a sweetheart halter tube top neckline features a sensuous sheer collar with a classy and refined hippie fabric embellished on the bodice. Flaunting her sunkissed skin, emblazed with a gorgeous butterfly peace and eco love tattoo on her back. A lavish design of her lovely flare pants with a touch of grooviness . Why speak ? Added a captivating silhouette of a flamboyant train embellished with peace emblem's , features a layer of sculpted silk flowers. She stand out among the rest upon speaking out loud for her opinion. Adorned with eye catching head dress, integrated with trendy peace design accessories. She's all out to strikes anywhere and everywhere , gloriously dominate everyone's attention towards her. yayyy! That's the fighting spirit. Be the best among the rest. ~grins Make ups: Teal perhaps eyeshadow from glammorize Lashes : From Miamai Lipstick modified blushes modified Accessories: Two Sisters Treasures Peace jewelry set Nails: Finesmith Teal Nails Skin: Dre Life courtesy of flora Stipe Violeta really rocked the runway with her walk! Next up was Janet Brink!
Janet decided to go more elegant in a hippie style but also very simple, this is a dress style that was very popular in the 60's, a lovely white cotton dress with a gorgeous top done in flowers of blue, yellow, red, purple. The captivating style that is feminine and chic creates a stunning silhouette as it hugs your waist and hips, ending at the floor with a lovely wide hem of white flowers with yellow centers. Strapless with faux sleeves, this is a lovely summer look that would have been seen in the upscaled parties or on stage. A beautiful long blonde << Yippie >> by LeLutka is a perfect style for the era, braided in the back and long to your waist, a white flower and hair beads were added to give detail to the hair. The girls loved sandals in the summer and << Yaxkin>> by Maitreya in gold picked up the color of the center of the white flowers. A pretty ensemble, by Earthstones << Kaiya >> all natural stones were the hippies idea of being one with nature, they loved anything that was natural. Simple makeup of light natural, and yellow flowers under the eye a nice match for the yellow flower on the dress. Thank you to the lovely judges tonight, also to Anrol, Steve, and the Classic With Style Staff for this place to express our styling and creative expressions. Best wishes and luck to all...............Ciao The Hippy Movement was a counterculture that appeared in the 1960s in the United States, before spreading in the rest of the western world. Hippies, stemming largely from the number of youths of the baby boom of the post-war years, rejected the traditional values, lifestyle of the generation of their parents and the consumer society. In some places they still live but not as large as 40 years ago. The aged hippy never really gave up their beliefs. They simply moved into adulthood and took their doctrine with them. They became the teachers, the judges, and the social malcontents of today. Old aged hippies are responsible for the decline of American civilazation. For the last performance under the theme Hippies, Ania is dressed in capri blue jeans using a bit of fabric tied around one leg. An oversized loose hanging blouse is decorated with flowers of green, orange and brown with full sleeves. Her shoes have a brown wood sole with the laced tops in the same hues as her blouse. The hair is lengthy, frizzy with a small buckle on the side, giving an air of Janis Japlin. A bronze necklace, earrings, bracelets finishes the accessories. Ania added the glasses in rounded gold. As a hippy there is a cigarette, but who knows what kind of tobacco? Finish off with green fingernails and there you have it.... a real Hippy. Skin : 02 Tan Skin -Vivian- // *nacre *REDGRAVE* Shape : Vivian Shape *REDGRAVE* Eyes : 6- Eyes bleue - Nany Merlin lashes : Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_ N06 Dress: **GizzA** Hippi Hair: Tukinowaguma buckwheat SH (jaguar) ebony jewelry: *League* Wanderer Nails: /female[MANDALA]medium Shoes: *VERSHE* Okara Sliders: Hippy Cigarette: Aries Heartful Cigarette Box Ania thanks Anrol and Steve for having given her the chance to make this competition. Ania is in her first Master's Styling and hopes to make it some more. Thanks to those who encouraged her to continue these last weeks where often she doubted if she was going to arrive so far. She wishes good luck to Janet and Princess Violeta. A special big thank you to Lisana , who supported me and encouraged me and pushed troughout tis mastertyvm for all it Lisana its grace to your patience and availability iam here evening then big big thanx. So lets take a look at what they will win! 3rd runner up will win 5,000 Linden 2nd runner up will win 10,000 Linden The Crown Winner will win 20,000L 3rd Runner up was Janet Brink Our 2nd Runner up in our Master Styling Part 2 is Ms Violetagrace Resident. Now the moment we are waiting for... Please look at the fireworks and we will see who is our new Crown for 2012 Master Styling Ania Lennie!!
The show was amazing and then there was a party afterwards which had a hippie contest which I won. Hippies: We have a top winner with 3 votes. sagia Resident has 2 votes and wins L$285. TrixxiStarr Resident has 3 votes and wins L$428. Caralyne Melody has 2 votes and wins L$285. Congratulations! The celebration afterwards was incredible and a good time had by all! We all where winners this nite! I was happy 2 have shared it with my fellow models! >.<