Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My CWS Final! xD

Ok! So the final was today; I got to do early due to rl work schedule. My test with Anrol Anthony! She was extremely helpful in pointing things out to me that needed to be considered as a model. One was to sell the clothing. Showing people the back and the front and to make them love the clothing. She also gave me pointers on how to conduct myself as a model and what was expected of me as a model.
I was super super nervous going b4 Anrol and testing by myself and not have my fellow classmates with me for presence support. lol I was to wear a mini skirt, hat and red heels. I picked an outfit made by Lapoint & Bastchild. I mixed and matched a top and a skirt from that designer. The shoes and the hat came from two separate designers. My accessories where simple. Around my neck I had a photo of my husband. A photo I myself did for his profile picture. I also wore both my bond rings. The hair was not a hit as it went through my body. Now I know finally what I was doing wrong in my styling! lol As well as the mocap poses! *Rips them all out of my huddle* It is still unknown why I cannot do a character test with my Firestorm viewer. :( Something I am very sad about considering it is a great tool when fixing your avatar if you are a cloud. I also forgot the alpha layer to my eyes which was important part of my styling as well. *holds head in despair* Come to think of it, I don't think any of my jewelry was attached!
In the quick change, I found out that u could in fact have your accessories and shoes in same folder. It was my understanding you could not. I definitely learned today! The bathing suit I think was hot but the hair again was all wrong. ~ CWS Ballroom ~
First off let me just say this place is amazing with the colorful blocks that are color changing behind the runway! Velvet like seat circle the stage which is color changing and black. there are 3 entrances to this ballroom stage with a lovely water fountain shooting water into the air as background effect.
Photos adorn the walls surrounding the stage of winners past and present in the many competitions of CWS. A piano sits off to the side of the stage, possibly for interludes when the dances are underway. I so cant wait to do a show on this runway! ~ CWS Dome Stage ~
Oh wow this place looks like its inside of a pyramid! I love the earthy muted tones throughout. There are huge statues pouring water on each side of the runway 2. The effect of this takes my breath away! I can just see myself walking down the runway doing dome formation being here! The seating is like in a semicircle in front of the stage for both audience and judges.
~ CWS Black And White Stage ~
The Black and White stage where all the famous video shoots happen! This stage is surrounded with black and white seating and has a square runway. The models come up the middle and exit off to the sides of the runway. In the center of the runway there are water birds such as white and black swans and flamingos. This is my favorite feature of this runway. ~ CWS Red Runway Stage ~
To enter Red Runway u have to walk from the beach and down a long corridor to the stage area. I make my way slowly down the corridor. It opens up to a beautiful gallery! the seating for the audience is on either side and the chairs are gold. A red carpet leads into the stage area which makes one feel as if they are walking the red carpet.
The judges seating is in front and the chairs are white. There are gold seats on either side of the runway as well.
There is also a white piano too.
There where a lot of other avatars that where on the different stages practicing formations. I had a lovely time going around to all the stages and getting to see the areas that I would one day walk in a show. To actually see the real stages that I have been practicing on for weeks, really cemented in my mind the magnitude of the task all of us aspiring models achieve when we graduate UCWS and move on to do runway shows.

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