Friday, August 17, 2012

Sydney Fashion Week is ON!

Hey I went lookin about SL and stumbled across Sydney Fashion Week going on now till the 22nd! I got the press release here! I only put a smedge in just 2 tease u all so u go c 4 ureself! International Modeling Agency Inc. presents S Y D N E Y F A S H I O N W E E K TWENTY12 Where: Sydney Harbour Secondlife First Version: 14 July 2012 When: August 17 – 22, 2012 The Sydney Fashion Week will showcase different statements from casual chic to avant garde. Inspired by the wonderful and sophisticated ambiance of the inspired SYDNEY Harbour along with its extravagant and iconic landmarks. This event will focus on the impressive architecture brought to life through the collections that will walk on the runway. We also had a very generous sponsorship of a huge cruise ship made by Aymec Millet which is a is multistory build of delight containing several theaters, bedrooms, and night clubs There will be three stages. The opening show and the finale show will be held on a very artistic interpretation of the iconic Sydney Opera House. These shows will open with a short performance by the fantastic Australian Guerilla Burlesque. One of IMA’s objectives to promote the fantastic sl fashion industry within the Australian community. The buildings and features of the Sydney Harbour sim has been inspired by the iconic buildings of the Sydney Harbour. Some shows will be showcased in fantastic high fashion runway . The 17 shows will be executed over the magical bora bora water and guests will be seated on either of the IMA boats or yachts or sitting in the high couture runway. All guests can also hop on any of the provided windsurfers and sail around the sim and the festivities. Pick up an exclusive IMA Inc Sydney Fashion Week item or find the free treasurers on the sim. The sim really is amazing! All the shops r on this big yacht! Here I am standing in front of the big sign on the lower deck of ship!
While there, I checked out a couple of the shops that where there set up and ready. First stop was DiMajor store where I was amazed at the styles and colors of the clothing! A very outback tribal feel to the patterns and cuts of the clothing! The models looked absolutely stunning!
I then headed over to a shop called Creations. Looked like an art gallery! Loved all the images too!
I stood in awe must have been like 20 mins in one spot looking at all the images! LOL But that is not unusual tho! Most of SL amazes me! Next I went to Zura Xue. OMG how avant guarde! Totally fab!
Then...I found the only men's shop! WoooHooo! Legal Insanity! Really good looking stuff! We TOTALLY need more men's clothing shops! There r not enough!
Really colorful board shorts! I was so tempted to buy a pair 4 my hubby but was unsure as 2 if they where transferrable. Anywho...I shared the landmark with some of my friends who would benefit from a new shop for men! I envied this surfboard! It is not often I hit the beaches of SL and surf but maaan! I wanted this one!
I then ventured over to SoliDea Folies! I loved that most of the shops had their names already displayed plainly too. Really makes it easy 2 remember who is who!
The shop's fashions had a nice carnival feel to them I felt and where very haute couture!
I especially loved the way the designer used a full scale model mannequin! The colors and the poses where very well planned!
I looked around and found a makeup shop! WOW! Deesses offers makeup combos according to seasonal skin coloring and types, which is something we have been going over in our Advanced Classes for Classic with Style Advanced University. I even kept and eye out for pieces for a styling we are 2 do later as well. The shop had a group joiner set up and the little bags where just like in a real makeup counter! Impressive!
I then had 2 have a better look at the model runway stage area! It was magnificent! I took this shot from the back of the ship.
I totally had to walk on the runway too! lol I even walked the bridge that is over 2 the right of the photograph and captured this photo. There is a poseball at the end of it. Not sure if it was supposed 2 b there but hey! I hopped it and snapped a shot of myself!
Well I hope my little post about Sydney Fashion Week will inspire some of you all 2 go and have a look! Party! Party! Party!

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